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Why Your Salespeople Succeed...or Fail

  • What causes 80% of sales professionals to underperform?
  • Why are sales improvement initiatives often unsucessful?
  • Why are effective managers unable to serve as effective coaches for their teams?

The X Factor in Selling: A one-day guided, step-by-step session to enable sales leaders understand unique, time-tested principles of performance- the "real" limitations to a successful sales career. The course is crafted to lead management team to achieve an in-depth comprehension of the key dimensions of sales performance.

X Factor

The X Factor in Selling workshop actively encourages participation, and uses diagnostic tools and team problem-solving to understand the limitations that keep salespeople from utilizing their optimum potential. For managers, the X Factor workshop is a lesson in building a customer-centric sales organization, along with creating stronger relationships with management team members.

Participants in the X Factor in Selling will discuss and analyze:

  • The Myths About Sales Success
  • Four Traits of Highly Effective Salespeople
  • Three Dimensions of Human Behavior
  • Sales Congruence and Achievement Drive
  • Why Most Sales Training Doesn’t Work
  • The Role of Sales Coaching in High Performance
  • Coaching and Sales Effectiveness Assessments
  • Sales Force Productivity

The X factor workshop will be followed by participation from your sales team in the same sales and coaching assessments as workshop participants. These results will enable to us to make an X Factor Diagnostic Report to compares collective data from both inventories. Workshop participants will receive insights into planning and recommendations for the next steps. For further exploration of these insights, you can consider an A3 Workshop to increase alignment and develop action plans to improve performance and sales results.


The X Factor workshop will enable your organisation to:

  • Use enterprise-relevant models to diagnose performance in sales
  • Create strategies to maximize talent and commitment of the sales workforce
  • Learna system for sales development to ensures a change in enterprise behavior
  • Develop personalized knowledge into the power and potential for mentoring
  • Create an action plan to evaluate sales team performance

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