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"Our production increased 29%, and we have recruited 15 new associates. Clearly Managing Goal Achievement has a major impact on our results."

General Development Manager, The Guardian

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What Is MGA™?

Managing Goal

Greater sales effectiveness, a sense of personal pride and confidence - these are all aspects of optimum achievement, and Managing Goal Achievement creates a guided path to unlock these dimensions for enterprise needs. The MGA™ process is strongly founded in a nurturing, open-minded ethos, to reduce professional apprehensions and optimize the ability for experiential learning.Key program components include:

  • Easily remembered Goal Achievement System,
  • Nine-week structured follow-up course,
  • Ongoing managers' coaching,
  • Monthly reinforcement Personal Growth sessions,
  • Multiple support tools for individual assessment and detailed goal planning.

Congruence of Knowledge, Skills and Values

Lack of harmony amongst the five aspects, as mentioned in the model discourages sales professionals from achieving their goal successfully. This can also damage productivity, self-respect, and personal satisfaction, and diminish your desire to achieve. Therefore, to achieve both personal and professional goals, it is important to attain alignment amongst them. Managing Goal Achievement activates the personal evaluation of actions, behaviors, and beliefs in each aspect, and enables participants to harmonize them by providing stimulus to change behavior, leading to growth.

Managing Goal Achievement

Goal Achievement System™

One of the most powerful components of MGA is the Goal Achievement System. Goal Achievement System consists of an easily remembered five step system:

Goal Achievement

Powerful Benefits of MGA

The benefits of the nine-week MGA course in goal achievement go beyond the achievements of training period. Participants become competent in:

  • Achieving their optimum potential by going beyond their self-limiting mindsets.
  • Build and insight and mindset critical to improving the quality of life.
  • Achieve control of beliefs or expected results, to make significantly improvements in outcomes.
  • Defeat the inability to evolve and improve to achieve superior output.
  • Become accountable to achieving success and affluence.

Modern day ambitious employees require their leader to identify potential and act as facilitators of growth. Managers receive the following benefits from MGA:

  • Mentor people to generate their own insights in an open-minded, supportive ethos that is balanced by accountability.
  • Incubate an environment conducive for nurturing individual and team performance.
  • Remove limitations to motivated and committed teams, and unleash the desire to achieve.
  • Expand the team’s horizons to appreciate its own value, potential and achievement capabilities.
  • Foster trust and loyalty in relationships, and enable synergistic team behaviour.

MGA Timeline

MGA Timeline

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