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What They're Saying...

"The integrity process works! The system helped all credit union employees from the top down bridge the gap between internal and external service. This ground breaking process for the credit union not only changed our service culture and provided us with valuable tools; it also changed our employees' views on service and helped improve them personally as well as professionally."

Jim Santiago
VP of Operations, Orlando
Orlando FCU

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Empowering Success Through Behavior Change and Superior Service

  1. Has Customer Service improved in the last 25-years?
  2. Why are firms still looking for Excellence in sales and services?
  3. Why isn’t better service been made possible?
  4. How does poor service impact customer loyalty and bottom-line results?
  5. How does a company define ‘exceeding expectations’, and why is it important?

Integrity Service® is an all-inclusive step wise system created for sales and services professionals to develop insight into a customer-focused mindset.Participants learn about the skills, traits, mindset and habits that necessary to reach a common goal of becoming a customer-focused organization.

Integrity Service

Key program components include:

  • Proven Customer Satisfaction System™
  • Simple Behavior Styles® language
  • Seven-week structured follow-up course
  • Reinforcement tools
  • Performance Accelerator sessions
  • Blended, online learning delivery alternative

Success in customer service goes beyond simply acquiring knowledge - it entails mindsets, character and values. The Integrity Service® program empowers individuals to study the dimensions behind sales effectiveness, such as their actions and behaviours, and identifies the shortcomings that lead to strife, tension and lack of effectiveness. By aligning mindsets, character and values in sync with sales effectiveness, companies can unleash employees driven to achieve and attain their optimum potential.

What People Will Learn

Along with the Customer Satisfaction System™ and Behavior Styles®, participants learn:

• How they directly impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty through their job?

• A four-step Problem Solving Formula,

• Fundamental influence of attitudes and work ethics,

• The power of team synergy when internal customers are valued,

• Build positive self-beliefs and appreciating the uniqueness of others employees.


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