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Problem Solving, Consensus Building, and Action Planning

  • Why is it difficult to achieve rigorously scientific problem solving?
  • How can companies optimize team collaboration and consensus?
  • How can managers create and deploy results-producing plans of action?

The A3 workshop is a one to three-day guided stepwise process to increases your leadership Awareness, Alignment and Action in defeating strategic or tactical challenges.

A3 WorkshopA3 addresses the key performance drivers, barriers and enablers that contribute to achieving a measurable business goal. By establishing prioritized solutions and creating accountable action plans, a leadership team, with the support of supported by domain experts can overcome clearly defined sales, service or management issues.

The A3 is most effective in addressing critical business issues that have become roadblocks in achieving sales or service goals. The experience and proficiency of our Integrity Solutions® ssenior consultants will empower your sales and services teams to accelerate the problem solving process, decision making, and creating plans of action. Our proprietary A3 Process Map enables our facilitators in expert implementation of our diagnostic methodology.

Teams that engage in the A3 Workshop will:

  • Gain Consensus on a Goal and its Key Performance Drivers
  • Examine the Barriers to the Performance Drivers
  • Determine the Enablers for the Performance Drivers
  • Brainstorm and Prioritize Executable Solutions
  • Build and Resource Action Plans to be executed within 90 Days

An Executive Summary Report will be prepared and disseminated among the workshop participants to compile the workshop insights, share comprehensive and stepwise action plans, and share some next step recommendations. Integrity Solutions and Partners also offer a Plan Execution Coaching process to insure continuous commitment to deadlines and successful outcomes.


Participating in the A3 Workshop, your organization will:

  • Build alignment on critical problems and their solutions
  • Reach consensus on agreement a path of action addressing key strategic and tactical issues
  • Create a route map to scale up the rate of change
  • Carry out action plans to execute high impact solutions
  • Achieve and significant improvement in performance in 60 to 90 days

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