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Assessments & Consulting

The modern intensely competitive business climate has led to sales and service leaders facing complex and difficult workplace situations that are frustrating to solve. By using Integrity Solution's Assessment and Consulting solutions enterprise-tested and practical systems and methods, these challenges can be resolved to enable business to continue acquiring and retain loyal customers. Integrity Solutions' has developed experiential insight, proficiency and delivery skills in empowering sales and service leaders with strategic and operational decisions, and attain excellence in their business development and relations.

To create a plan of action for performance issues, it is critical to have a comprehensive, scientifically-sound and practicable system for problem solving. How can enterprises achieve a common sense of priority and general agreement on critical issues?

The A3 workshop achieves the twin goals of rational problem solving and ideating decisions, while also creating consensus and prioritization for leadersin understanding their business complexities and issues.A3 is designed as a creative system to create a plan of action that incorporates accountability for deployment.

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Sales training is often ineffective, and often damages performance instead of improving it. Salespeople underperform, as opposed to their potential. What could the reason behind this?

The X Factor in Selling exposes the false beliefs that surround sales success, and provides valid, experiential research on sales behavior and performance. This includes learning market-relevant approaches to understanding sales performance, and strategy to optimize sales talent.

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An understanding of customer satisfaction and loyalty is fundamental to better customer relations. This insight can be harnessed to make customer relations a competitive advantage. How can this be done?

The V&A-GAP establishes leadership and team vision for the value expected from sales and service teams. It quantifies customer perceptions for measuring customer loyalty, and understands the gaps between best practices and current values and behaviors in an organisation.

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