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The Inner Game of Selling

Inner Game Book

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Forget everything you've been taught about selling -- forget the hardsell, forget negotiation strategies, forget those closing techniques. In The Inner Game of Selling, Ron Willingham debunks the familiar myths about "sales skills," showing that those tired methods are too shallow and manipulative to do anything but alienate potential customers and drain you of energy and dignity. Today's consumers are wise to the old-fashioned gimmicks, extremely informed about their options, and very particular about what they want. The old tricks simply do not work anymore.

This book will open your eyes to a whole new truth about selling: Your ability to sell is more a question of who you are than of what you know. Accordingly, why you sell is far more important than how you sell.

Salespeople perform according to their inner beliefs about themselves, about what it is possible for them to sell and earn, and about what they deserve to achieve. These beliefs set the boundaries of their self-image and ultimately determine their success or failure.

The Inner Game of Selling establishes a groundbreaking new paradigm that will utterly transform the philosophy and practice of selling.


"Talk about a paradigm shift! This amazing book turns 'hard' selling on its head. 'Who I am' and 'why am I selling?' are far more important than 'what you know' and 'how to sell.' This philosophy beautifully summarizes Ron's remarkable professional success and contributions and clearly and compellingly demonstrates why 'inner selling' produces superior, sustained results and the fruits of peace of conscience."
-- Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

"The Inner Game of Selling crystallizes a breakthrough concept in selling. It is a unique approach to selling, unlike any other. Everyone in sales, or considering a career in sales, should read this book."
-- Dennis Manning, CLU, ChFC, President and CEO, The Guardian Life Insurance Company

The Inner Game of Selling is a sophisticated message from a true expert. It's wise, clear, and cuts to the core of what makes a winner."

-- Price Pritchett, Ph.D., Pritchett & Associates, Management Psychologists

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