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TESTIMONIALS "Our Production goals went from averaging 90% of goal to 103.2%. Employee turnover dropped 50%." North Atlantic Area American Red Cross MORE TESTIMONIALS

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Sales Growth
Sales Growth

A major Johnson & Johnson healthcare division attributes increases in sales of 26% in Japan and 28% in South Africa, and a 15% increase in face time achieved with doctors in Holland to Integrity Solutions.

“I’m improving on how I support my salespeople. I’m really happy that ‘integrity’ is making its’ way back into selling.”
Senior Admin Assistant
Insurance & Investment Service

Customer Satisfication And LoyalityCustomer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Patient satisfaction rankings for the UCLA Medical Center increased from the 28th to the 78th percentile of academic medical centers after embracing Integrity Solutions.

“I recently had a meeting with the president of one of our larger distributors and put some of my newly learned skills to the test. I started with the opening statement, “In order to enhance my ability to create value for your company, I would like to ask you some important questions.” This sparked his interest… he was pleased. I never truly “interviewed” him about his company, his goals, his mission, and his priorities. Doing all of this really made me feel like a consultant and not just a salesman. As you said in our meeting, “People don’t care what you know until they know you care.”
Northeast District Manager
Leading Global Manufacturer

Profitability ROI
Profitability & ROI

“This program works. Management has bought into it. The curriculum provided by Integrity Solutions® had a strong impact on our employees, their confidence level and productivity. It also affected the culture of our organization and helped our members. Our investment paid off.”
VP Total Member Experience
Grow Financial FCU

“The common language, the understanding of behavior and that changing people is not the answer. Not only will we see sales increase, but we should also see the credit union come together in a more cohesive team. This has really been a phenomenal class that will change this organization.”
SVP, Strategic Planning
Financial Institution

Employee Retention
Employee Retention

“The basic principles of this program are in direct alignment with our company values. If it were possible to roll this content out over our entire staff, I would expect the benefits to be enormous—both from an internal and external customer perspective. Happy staff certainly equals happy customers. Thank you!”
Transaction Services Manager
Emergency Health Services

"We have had great success with this program this year. There have been significant changes in the relationships our managers have with staff. Through our participation in Integrity Coaching®, we have begun to develop partnerships with our employees like never before. We are increasing our internal promotions as employees are better prepared to take on new responsibilities and grow with this credit union. We have seen such success, that we will be delivering the program to our supervisory staff next year.”
Director of Training
Credit Union


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