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TESTIMONIALS "Our Production goals went from averaging 90% of goal to 103.2%. Employee turnover dropped 50%." North Atlantic Area American Red Cross MORE TESTIMONIALS

Fact Sheet

Quick Facts

  • 42 Years
  • 1.8 Million Sales and Service Professionals
  • 80 Nations
  • 25,000 Internal Champions/Facilitators

Who We Are

We have achieved an identity as a performance improvement organization through measurable business results. Our dedicated sales and service teams work with clients to increase sales, improve customer loyalty, and retain talent. At the heart of our methodology in helping clients establish a competitive edge is a strong base of working with integrity and ethics – this is integral to our methodology for creating value for customers.

What Do We Do

Through proprietary models and behavioral change processes Integrity Solutions helps clients adopt the processes and behaviors proven to increase client loyalty, revenues, and profits.

What Makes Us Different

For over 40 years, Integrity Solutions' has achieved measurable increase in our clientele's sales and services. Crafting integrity into our clients' business relations has formed the foundation of our successful philosophy, processes and people, and enabled us to augment our clients’ experiences with customers. Integrity's clients have achieved higher sales growth, profitability and return on investment, and retained satisfied customers and dedicated employees. Clear customer expectations, employees armed with skills and a achievement-oriented mindset and a leadership that works with these values – these power our clients’ growth stories. Integrity Solutions believe integrity creates value and value achieves results. We know Integrity is good for business.

Who Are Our Clients

  • Business to business product and service sales and service organizations including direct, telesales, and channel organizations
  • Business to consumer sales, telesales, and service organizations

Our Value to Clients

  • Creating loyalty and retention in your client base
  • Increase the rate of revenue and profit, and create possibilities for further growth
  • Reduce workforce attrition and turnaround time for performance, as well as productivity,

Our Solutions

While our solutions designed keeping our client needs in mind, our solutions emphasize the following:

  • Proprietary Models: Validated sales and service models, systems, and tools
  • Behavioral Change: Proven systems, processes and consulting to establish and sustain behavioral change
  • Consulting:Organizational and individual assessment, coaching, facilitation, and consulting services to ensure ROI and business results

Our Approach

  • Assess: To identify the possibilities to improve performance to optimum potential.
  • Collaborate: Collaborate: To identify rational and practicable solutions to problems.
  • Customize: Customize: To create relevant solutions that deliver impact in resolving issues.
  • Align: To implement methodologies to sync organisations with ________ (word needed) in order to create an environment conducive to change.
  • Implement: To successfully activate solutions.
  • Sustain: To track and reinforce results on a continous basis .

Please specify if other: